February 20, 2012

the little mermaid - part 1

this weeks tour...SCUBA (part 1)
my favorite movie as a little girl was The Little Mermaid. i always dreamed of living in an underwater castle like Ariel's.
i have always loved water.
i have been a lifeguard, on swim team (even completed my first triathlon last summer!), if Colorado had a beach (i mean a real one with an ocean attached) that is where i would live, but since it really does not have one i live at the pool. (well for 3 months of the year anyways)
do not get me wrong i love Colorado, and personally it is the best place to live! (although i may change my mind after living on an island for 2 years)
i have always thought that i was 'a fish out of water'...i am definitely more of a summer girl than a winter girl.
so when i found out that i would be moving to FSM, and heard through the grapevine, that it was the number one dive destination in the world (in the list of top 10 dives, Micronesia usually holds 8 of the spots) i had to get certified!
part 1...
class time and pool training time.
i am not going to lie i was nervous, and the first day in the water was not the best experience. (actually at the end of the day i kind of hated SCUBA)
breathing underwater is a really weird experience.
day two was much better, i was able to have some one on one instructor time and that helped me a ton.
well good news...i passed! (the written test and the pool training that is)
so the next step is open-water certification. i will be going to Blue Hole. a popular dive site in New Mexico. (that will be a story for another day)
once again Jesus was with me through an amazing experience, now i cannot wait to see His amazing underwater creations!
to be continued...

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  1. What an amazing adventure you have begun... I am very proud of you! All those days at the pool in the summers were well worth it. So many great memories and now,new adventures to embark upon!!! Just keep swimming.....