November 25, 2012


Here in Chuuk Thanksgiving is not really a big deal…it was just a regular day. The only thing that is really important about it is that it is a day off work… (Chuukese ‘celebrate’ all American holidays as well as Chuukese holidays-so they can get double the amount of time off of work)
This was my first big holiday away from home, so I am not going to lie it was tough… (especially considering I was sick all week with a cold)
So how did I spend my Turkey day you ask?
I slept in, spent some time reading in my room, watched the movie RIO with my little sister (which by the way was my 1st movie since I left home!), wrote some letters, and enjoyed staring off into the sunset…
What did I eat?
The usual…canned tuna and rice (I suppose it was a little more ‘special’ because it was spicy tuna!)

I did talk on the phone the next day with all my family from back home! That made me a little sad. I started thinking about all our traditions and the things I love about the holiday season back home; but at the same time it was totally awesome! I love being able to still be a part of family events back home (since I am a day ahead it was actually their Turkey day!), they passed ‘me’ around the room to talk with everyone!

What am I thankful for?
I am thankful for…
Jesus being my Savior and best friend!

My families (I am now a part of four families…my American family, my Pohnpeian family, my Weno family, and my Fefan family)
my American family
Behonest my Pohnpeian brother
McHenry my Weno brother
Enrich my Fefan brother
Richen my Fefan sister

My friends (thank you all so much for your support!)
Team Chuuk (you guys rock!)

My co-teachers         
My students
Beautiful flowers to look at

The most amazing views

A roof over my head (I love the sound of rain on a tin roof!)
Food to eat everyday (even if it is the same thing…I am never hungry)
Letters from home
The list could go on forever…

A holiday…is not about who you are/are not with or what you do/do not do on a specific day of the year…it is about what you make of it.

What are you thankful for?

November 18, 2012

Lady in Waiting

Tour…Lady in Waiting
Picture this scene…

Local “are you married?”
Me “no”
Local “why?”
Me “I don’t know” (while shrugging my shoulders)
(this question is not only asked in America, but everywhere of people my age; and by all the locals because they really want PC volunteers to marry locals so we can be a part of their family forever)

Actually I do know why…it is not my time yet.

I am specifically using this time to strengthen and grow in my relationship with the Lord. So I have been reading a ton of devotionals. One that I read was “Lady in Waiting.”
Lady in Waiting
is not about finding the right man,
but becoming the right woman.

The lady in Waiting
recklessly abandons herself
to the Lordship of Christ,
diligently uses her single days,
trusts God with unwavering faith,
demonstrates virtue in daily life,
loves God with undistracted devotion,
stands for physical and emotional purity,
lives in security,
responds to life in contentment,
makes choices based on her convictions,
and waits patiently for God to meet her needs.

I have realized, after reading this book, that singleness is actually a gift. (though I do not always feel like it is…)
The focus of this devotional was the story of Ruth.
Reckless abandonment-she left her home to follow the Lord (so did I)
Diligence-she did not waste her time, she went to work (I am doing what I love, teaching children)
Faith-she knew God would provide for her (I am working on the unwavering part of my faith)
Virtue-she had great character (I try to be myself at all times)
Devotion-she only focused on the Lord (I have no distractions here in Chuuk!)
Purity-she did not draw attention to herself (when it comes to being a girl…I am as simple as they get)
Security-she did not worry about her future (I need to stop trying to plan mine…)
Contentment-she was happy with what she had (I love my simple life here in Chuuk!)
Conviction-she had Biblical standards (what is important to God, is important to me)
Patients-she did not try to write her own story; she let God do the writing (I am handing the pen over)

Being single is the best time to spend with the Lord and get out and enjoy life, because you do not have the responsibilities of married life (husband/children).
The next two years I have to spend with my best friend, Jesus! When my time is right He will lead me to the one He has planned for me. How lucky am I? (Considering He not only gave me the opportunity to spend time with Him, but to do it on a tropical island…I would say I am pretty darn lucky!)
Until then…I am going to enjoy my time with Him!

*random thoughts…
How do you make eating rice three times a day exciting?
You use food coloring of course!
For special events the rice is usually cooked in either food coloring or soy sauce.
Cooking it in soy sauce gives it flavor…I like it because it is something different.
I have also eaten purple rice, and orange rice. (the first time I saw orange rice I thought it was cheesy rice-silly me I do not even know why I thought that since I have never seen cheese in the stores…)
That is how you make eating the same thing everyday fun!

November 11, 2012

and then there was one...

Tomorrow Johnny leaves and I will be the only American on my island…
I am sad to see him go, he has been such a good friend to me during my first few months here (God knew I would need a friend to ease me into my service)
I am also excited to see what is in store for me!
I have taken over Johnny’s projects that were not yet finished. I will be overseeing the completion of a basketball court and helping to raise funds to provide solar lights to my community. (God knew I would need help integrating into my community and he gave some stuff to do)
I am also blessed to know that I will always have a friend to talk to about my experiences, and he will know exactly what I am talking about because we lived in the same community.
While it is always sad to see someone go, it also allows us to look forward to meeting back up in the future…

November 4, 2012

canoe to an island, sure why not!

I have decided in my time here…I am going to take full advantage of all the things I can do here in Chuuk.
I went on a planned last minute canoe trip to a picnic island…Pisiwi
It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to paddle out to the island. (we were going against the tide)
We spent the day just hanging out…swimming, jumping out of trees into the water, doing back flips off Ben’s shoulders, building sand castles…
I love just going and doing whatever on an island all day!

It took us about 45 minutes to paddle back. (we were going with the tide)
The things you do while living in the South Pacific…
Thank you Jesus, I love my life in Chuuk!