November 25, 2012


Here in Chuuk Thanksgiving is not really a big deal…it was just a regular day. The only thing that is really important about it is that it is a day off work… (Chuukese ‘celebrate’ all American holidays as well as Chuukese holidays-so they can get double the amount of time off of work)
This was my first big holiday away from home, so I am not going to lie it was tough… (especially considering I was sick all week with a cold)
So how did I spend my Turkey day you ask?
I slept in, spent some time reading in my room, watched the movie RIO with my little sister (which by the way was my 1st movie since I left home!), wrote some letters, and enjoyed staring off into the sunset…
What did I eat?
The usual…canned tuna and rice (I suppose it was a little more ‘special’ because it was spicy tuna!)

I did talk on the phone the next day with all my family from back home! That made me a little sad. I started thinking about all our traditions and the things I love about the holiday season back home; but at the same time it was totally awesome! I love being able to still be a part of family events back home (since I am a day ahead it was actually their Turkey day!), they passed ‘me’ around the room to talk with everyone!

What am I thankful for?
I am thankful for…
Jesus being my Savior and best friend!

My families (I am now a part of four families…my American family, my Pohnpeian family, my Weno family, and my Fefan family)
my American family
Behonest my Pohnpeian brother
McHenry my Weno brother
Enrich my Fefan brother
Richen my Fefan sister

My friends (thank you all so much for your support!)
Team Chuuk (you guys rock!)

My co-teachers         
My students
Beautiful flowers to look at

The most amazing views

A roof over my head (I love the sound of rain on a tin roof!)
Food to eat everyday (even if it is the same thing…I am never hungry)
Letters from home
The list could go on forever…

A holiday…is not about who you are/are not with or what you do/do not do on a specific day of the year…it is about what you make of it.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I am so very grateful for having such an amazing friend. A friend who is not afraid to put herself on the line in her search of God. And a friend who is always willing to share her faith with anyone who asks as well as helping to encourage me to grow and share in mine!