November 11, 2012

and then there was one...

Tomorrow Johnny leaves and I will be the only American on my island…
I am sad to see him go, he has been such a good friend to me during my first few months here (God knew I would need a friend to ease me into my service)
I am also excited to see what is in store for me!
I have taken over Johnny’s projects that were not yet finished. I will be overseeing the completion of a basketball court and helping to raise funds to provide solar lights to my community. (God knew I would need help integrating into my community and he gave some stuff to do)
I am also blessed to know that I will always have a friend to talk to about my experiences, and he will know exactly what I am talking about because we lived in the same community.
While it is always sad to see someone go, it also allows us to look forward to meeting back up in the future…

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