August 25, 2013


Tour…fengen (together)
My family is back together again! Papachii came home from the hospital. He is slowly getting stronger each day.

Enrich turned 6!

Amanda and I went on a picnic with MWichen Maria (the women’s group at church). We had a bbq, with a ton of food! When we were finished some of the women chased everyone and dumped bukets of water on them, it was a fun afternoon.

Random thoughts…
Since my family’s visit and having Amanda on Fefan with me, I have realized just how much Chuukese I know! It is way more that I thought!

I enjoy having another volunteer on island with me, because now I have someone to go and kukkunou (hang out) with.

August 18, 2013

new PC

The new group of Peace Corps had their swear-in ceremony this week! It is super exciting to have new faces in Chuuk. I am especially excited because the school where I teach was able to get another Peace Corps, so now there will be two of us helping the teachers and students.
I will be teaching lower grades (1-4) and Amanda will be teaching the upper grades (5-8).

I was invited to sing with some women at church. I was on my way home from my tutor and I saw some women practicing singing. I stopped to listen, and then was asked to practice. Once we were done they asked me to sing with them at church, I said sure! It was so much fun! The exciting part was that I knew what I was singing and everyone told me that I said all the words correctly they were surprised and happy that I am finally comprehending the language!

The song was Samon kopwe tumunuei, which means the Lord will take care of me.

August 11, 2013


Remember when I told you I might be getting internet and computers for my school?
Well…it is getting really exciting here!
The Pisces group came for another visit!
I received 3 tablets and a solar charger for my school! 
The internet is still in the works (waiting on logistical paperwork from Telecom in Phonpei…)
I am still able to use the tablets, I am going to be starting workshops after school this next year teaching the teachers how to use them and how to use them to help in the classroom!
I am so excited that we are one step closer!
Check out the whole story here 

Random thoughts…

I got this awesome gift from my aunt for my birthday! Thanks Dominique! (I love hand-made stuff it means so much more to me than store bought stuff)

August 4, 2013

family and friends

Tour…family and friends
My host papachi (grandpa) has not been feeling very well and has been in the hospital on Weno.
I happened to be in town for the week helping with the new PC group’s training.
I spent every morning visiting papachi, and every afternoon giving sessions to the new group. I was super busy.
Family is so important to me that my first priority was spending time with them. Papachi has been a special person to me. He is extremely smart and very knowledgeable. He knows all about the Chuukese culture and he speaks English very well! I have learned so much from him. He is a very respected man in the community and just about everyone in Chuuk knows him or at least knows of him. When I tell people I live with him they tell me I am lucky because he can teach me so much about Chuuk.
Things he taught me I was able to share with the new group in teaching them about the culture; I gave sessions on funerals, birthdays, weddings, and life in the Lagoon.

Random thoughts…

We (M78) took the new group (M79) to Pisar! And we had a fun dancing night with glo-sticks!