August 4, 2013

family and friends

Tour…family and friends
My host papachi (grandpa) has not been feeling very well and has been in the hospital on Weno.
I happened to be in town for the week helping with the new PC group’s training.
I spent every morning visiting papachi, and every afternoon giving sessions to the new group. I was super busy.
Family is so important to me that my first priority was spending time with them. Papachi has been a special person to me. He is extremely smart and very knowledgeable. He knows all about the Chuukese culture and he speaks English very well! I have learned so much from him. He is a very respected man in the community and just about everyone in Chuuk knows him or at least knows of him. When I tell people I live with him they tell me I am lucky because he can teach me so much about Chuuk.
Things he taught me I was able to share with the new group in teaching them about the culture; I gave sessions on funerals, birthdays, weddings, and life in the Lagoon.

Random thoughts…

We (M78) took the new group (M79) to Pisar! And we had a fun dancing night with glo-sticks!

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