August 11, 2013


Remember when I told you I might be getting internet and computers for my school?
Well…it is getting really exciting here!
The Pisces group came for another visit!
I received 3 tablets and a solar charger for my school! 
The internet is still in the works (waiting on logistical paperwork from Telecom in Phonpei…)
I am still able to use the tablets, I am going to be starting workshops after school this next year teaching the teachers how to use them and how to use them to help in the classroom!
I am so excited that we are one step closer!
Check out the whole story here 

Random thoughts…

I got this awesome gift from my aunt for my birthday! Thanks Dominique! (I love hand-made stuff it means so much more to me than store bought stuff)

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  1. Anonymous26.10.13

    Great technology! Cool pics, I didn't know that she sent you those. She sent us some to for our B-days. We will have to take pics and post them!