August 18, 2013

new PC

The new group of Peace Corps had their swear-in ceremony this week! It is super exciting to have new faces in Chuuk. I am especially excited because the school where I teach was able to get another Peace Corps, so now there will be two of us helping the teachers and students.
I will be teaching lower grades (1-4) and Amanda will be teaching the upper grades (5-8).

I was invited to sing with some women at church. I was on my way home from my tutor and I saw some women practicing singing. I stopped to listen, and then was asked to practice. Once we were done they asked me to sing with them at church, I said sure! It was so much fun! The exciting part was that I knew what I was singing and everyone told me that I said all the words correctly they were surprised and happy that I am finally comprehending the language!

The song was Samon kopwe tumunuei, which means the Lord will take care of me.

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  1. Anonymous21.9.13

    Yes! The Lord will take care of you!