December 2, 2012

6 months!

Tour…6 months, is it really December?!
On December 6th I will have been away from Colorado for 6 months! Crazy! I feel like I just left yesterday…
I believe that there is one big reason why I feel like it was only yesterday that I left…there are no seasons here so it still feels like the middle of summer! Do not be mistaken, I do not miss the cold at all (I am a warm weather girl) but there is something to be said of a nice snowy mountain view… (oh Colorado mountains how I miss you!)
This has also played a big role in me not feeling like it is the holiday season. No snow, no crazy shopping frenzies, no yummy foods that my mom makes…
I do not miss the cold feeling of snow, only the way it looks.
I do not miss shopping! (actually I am super super excited to spend a Christmas away from commercialism and remember what it really means…the birth of Jesus)
I do miss the yummy food…I could go for a good raspberry filled, powder sugar covered cookie (also known as a snowflake or the best cookie ever!) and some homemade checks mix (oh checks mix how I miss your smell filling up the house) right now…
The one thing I do have (thanks to my awesome friend B!) is Christmas music! Now that it is officially December I have started to play it!
Even though it does not feel like Christmas, I am going to make the best of it. Decorate my classrooms with fun crafts I do with the students (pictures to come later), sing Christmas songs every single day, and if I am really lucky bake some cookies (my family on Weno has, wait for it…an oven! and if it is working when I come to visit them I am totally going to bake!)
I am going to share the joy and spirit of the Christmas season, and create some new traditions with my new families!

This year try spending more time focusing on the reason for the season, Jesus, and see how He moves in your heart (by the way it will be totally worth it! so go ahead and give it a try)

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