December 30, 2012


Christmas was not the same without snow…
Christmas was not the same without my family…
Christmas was not the same without my favorite foods…
Christmas was not the same…

It was however, a wonderful time spent with my family on Fefan and on Weno!
Christmas morning was not overly eventful, my family opened their gifts…before I was awake (kind of made me sad, not to see their faces, but they were so thankful!)
My American family called and it was the first time they talked to my Fefan family! That was fun to have my families talking to each other!
I was able to go to Weno and Skype with my family! (I really enjoy Skyping with my family!)
I spent a few days with my Weno family too!
I was able to really concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas this year, without all the craziness of materialism! (this was my favorite part of the season!) There were days when I played my IPod with a speaker so we could all listen to Christmas music. I even decorated a “Christmas tree” with my siblings!
Even though it may not have been the same as I am use to…I really enjoyed the holidays.
The one thing that was the same…Happy Birthday Jesus!

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