February 13, 2012

Jesus is my best friend

this weeks tour...friends (and good times!)
i spent the weekend away on a ski trip with some great friends of mine. we were so blessed to be able to enjoy 8" of fresh powder and a beautiful sunny perfect ski day! (while i do enjoy skiing...i am kind of glad i will not see any snow for 27 months! although i may change my mind when i am unable to cool down) to end the day we shared a yummy meal of fish tacos and good conversation by the fire.
it is times like this that i will miss. (and make it a little bit harder to leave)
i have no idea what life will be like in FSM. (but maybe i am not suppose to know...yet)
one thing i know i will miss are my friends, but i know that i will meet and make new ones.
'faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future'
i have faith that God will provide! 
'a friend is God's way of proving He does not want us to walk alone'
i pray everyday that i will meet and have great friends in my new home.
knowing that i have such an amazing support system here at home, makes it easier (just a little) to leave.
but the most important (and best) thing i know (without a doubt) is that my best friend (Jesus!) will be with me every step of the way on my journey...He is the One who holds my future.

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