August 14, 2012

I am a Peace Corps

tour...I am official!
Tirou me fairo womi achengicheng amafen, Pwan tori kich meinisin. Ai kapongen nekunion annim ngeni kich meinisin...itei Elana upwe sopwei, ai kapong fiti ai kinisou chapur ngeni Al-Green, McCarlyn me MeHenry. Fokkun kinisou chapur ren ami etiwa ei, ai upwe emon chon ami ewe famini. Ngang uwa men pwapwa ai usun emon noumi nengin. Uwa men mwotores oh chengen ren pwapwa ai upwe ne no fefan pwan ai ne nonom ren ewe faminien Joseph. Ngang uwa fokkun pwapwa ai upwe emon sense non ach ewe UFO Elementtary tori ach ewe community. Upwe soppwei an ai ewe  famini Merikia kapongen fiti ar kinisou ren ami anisiei pwan etiwa ei. Ngang me kemoch pei fiti an manamanen aninis ngeni ei. Uwa monota ngeni ei ruu iir ngeni Peace Corps fokkun ai kinisou chapur.

I would like to thank Al-Green, McCarlyn and McHenry for welcoming me into your family. I am happy to be your daughter. I am excited to be a teacher at UFO Elementary and be a part of the community. My family in America says thank you for helping me and making me a part of your community. I know the God is holding my hand and has blessed me with all of you to help me along the way. I am ready to begin my 2 year journey in the Peace Corps. Thank you very much.

This was my speech I gave.


  1. Anonymous10.9.12

    What a beautiful speech! i wish I could have heard you say it.

    Love mom

  2. What a beautiful speech....look at you writing the language! amazing....may God continue to bless you richly!