March 17, 2013

underwater adventure

I went on my first dive adventure! (finally, I got to be “The Little Mermaid”)
It was the most amazing experience, an underwater museum! (the deepest I went was 65 feet!)
I was able to explore four different wrecks from WWII, the Hoyo Maru, Heian Maru, Fujikawa Maru, and Kiyosumi Maru.
Being able to see such an important part of Chuuk’s history was unforgettable, and indescribable. The ships were HUGE! I saw old telephones, tea cups, gas masks, and much more.
The wildlife was awesome. The fish were all around and we even watched a large fish get cleaned by little fish for over 5 minutes…it was so cool to get to see that. There were many different kinds of coral, all different sizes and colors. (there was so much to see, if I was not limited to the amount of air in my tank I could have easily spent all day down there looking at everything!)
There really is no way for me to put what I experienced in words, and I do not have a camera that can go that deep in water so I cannot share it with you either…I guess if you really want to see it you will have to come for a visit!
I cannot wait to go again and spend more time in God’s underwater creation!

Random thoughts…
Impromptu dance party in my room with Enrich and Richen = most favorite thing to do!

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