March 31, 2013

Easter on a tiny island!

Tour…He is Risen!

Happy Easter!
I took a trip to the Mortlocks for Easter. All of my PCV friends in Chuuk got together on one of the volunteer’s island for the holiday.
How did we get there you ask? We took a ship and when I say ship I do not mean a vacation cruise ship…it was more like a small fishing vessel.
Lien Pukieal was the ship we boarded along with a ton of locals. When we bought our tickets we were unaware that it would be a chartered funeral ship (it was taking a body from Guam to the Mortlocks-locals really believe in burying people where they are from).
We sat in the enclosed room, which was nice because we did not get wet from rain or waves. We had our little space marked out with a mat to sit/lay on along with all our bags (right next to the casket…). However, we ended up being pushed from our spot and laid on by people through the course of the trip due to the rocking side to side of the ship. Inside the lagoon the ride was smooth and relaxing the second we left the reef and entered the open ocean…you knew it! It was such a rocky ride that as I laid down (so as not to feel sea sick) and looked out the window I could see sky then water, sky then water…needless to say I tried to sleep the whole time! 25 hours later we made it to the Mortlocks! We stopped at one island to drop of the people for the funeral, and hop on a small motor boat to head to our destination! Total travel time 28 hours! (oh and yea for me, I did not get sick!).
My friends and I spent the week hanging out and enjoying time together, it was nice to get away for a few days.

singing on the sea wall at sunset

team Chuuk! (we had to take turns, to get everyone in the picture)
Random thoughts…
I called home for Easter, using one of my friend’s satellite phones, and I had to stand in the ocean up to my knees to get good service!

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