April 7, 2013

the adventures of a ship ride

Is it a sign of feeling comfortable where I am, by longing for my sleeping pad bed and own bucket shower? I was so glad to be home after my time in the Mortlocks!
The ship ride home was an even better adventure than the one out to the Mortlocks. This time we boarded Nien Chuuk, in the rain…so before we even left I was already wet! 
This ship was crowded too, but not as bad. It was covered but one side was an open ‘door’ (remember these are not cruise liners!). I was the ‘lucky’ one and got the spot right next to the ‘door’. Again I had to lie down to subdue the seasickness. Since I was right next to the open ‘door’ I was hit by huge waves for about a third of the trip (I was so wet I mine as well have swam back home…)
I was also right next to two baby pigs that would freak out occasionally and try to escape (at one point I thought they might bite my feet, do pigs even bite?)
The best part of the trip…watching the crew catch a huge swordfish! And because of my ‘first class’ seat I was less than a foot away to witness the entire thing! (and when I say huge I mean it was longer than I am tall!). A few hours into the ride we stopped at some islands to drop off some people, so a spot on the other side of the ship opened up and I jumped at the chance to have a ‘dry’ seat (even though I no longer got soaked by waves I stayed wet the entire trip). In the morning I was able to see the sunrise, it was so beautiful! Total travel time 24 hours! (and yea again, I did not get sick!)
they only way to make it through a 24 ship ride is to laugh...
When my friends and I got back we treated ourselves to a hotel. A nice warm shower and soft bed to sleep in was nice after the long wet ship ride.
I am so glad to be home.

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  1. What kind of sword did the swordfish have?