January 30, 2012

the not so itsy bitsy spider

this weeks tour...fears (well only one of them...)
if you know me, then you know that i have a huge fear of all things creepy and crawly. i am not a big fan of bugs-in particular spiders!
i would go as far as saying i have arachnophobia (my brother would say i am a wimp). i am so afraid of them that i cannot even muster up the courage to kill them (i have this idea in my head that they will somehow come back to life and attack me). i scream like a little girl, and have even been known to sleep on the couch if a visitor happened to be near my bed!
one of the first things i wanted to know/research about FSM was the wildlife (specifically creepy crawlies). i did not find anything out of the ordinary (like giant man-eating spiders) but i am fairly positive there will be BIG bugs in the humid, wet, warm climate!
fear not for I am with you, keeps racing through my mind.
"for I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41:13
Jesus will always be by my side...even if it is only for a spider.
a few friends of mine are trying to help me get over this fear...

thanks! (it was all in good fun, so we all had a good laugh)
i took one picture and stuffed it back in the box! (you should have seen me try to get this out of the box for a picture...my heart was racing!)
maybe i will get lucky and never run into a spider in FSM (probably not!) or maybe i will be able to find and convince a cute little kid to be my personal exterminator.
no matter how big or small my fears may be...i know that Jesus will always be there to get me through (even if i am running around and screaming like a little girl!)


  1. Anonymous30.1.12

    Good for you for facing your fears!! (I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who gives me STRENGTH!)
    Hopefully a little humor along the way will help;) Please feel free to pass the creepy thing on to the next "victim" or "recycle it" in the trash!
    In Him,

  2. thanks Mary! even though it might be fun to pass him on i am not sure i can live with him in my room that long...oh and it is trash night!