January 23, 2012

what is for dinner?

this weeks tour...food
*warning* you do not have to try these foods for yourself...just take my word for it! (or you can, but do not say i did not warn you)
there are a few things that are pretty typical of a Micronesian diet, that i knew i would be able to get here in America and try. here goes nothing...
i would consider myself a fairly picky eater (i guess i am going to have to get over that!)
so the other night i asked my mom 'what is for dinner?' (she hates this question) and well it was my lucky night! almost everything she made...i do not like!
the menu-salmon, spam, coconut, asparagus, and buttery parmesan noodles. (i like 2 of those 5 things)
spam, salmon, coconut, asparagus, noodles
i did try and eat everything on my plate. 
my review-
spam, salmon, coconut
spam-gross, gross, gross! it looked icky, smelled icky, and tasted kind of like bacon (only if it was cooked to a crisp!)
salmon-okay (not a fan of seafood-guess that is going to change too! although living next to the ocean and getting fresh seafood...i may change my feelings for it) after eating the spam...it was good!
coconut-like chewing on a twig! not joking, it is dry and woodsy tasting
and of course my favorites...
asparagus and buttery parmesan noodles-mmmmmmm! 
food will probably be one of my hardest adjustments when i move to my new home.
bon appetit!


  1. At least you tried! and it will only get easier the more you experiment! I'm so glad I get to share the adventure with you... although I will pass on the span and salmon.

  2. Anonymous23.1.12

    Good idea to try the local cuisine before you get there! Do they have any unusual drinks?