March 26, 2012

getting lost in a good book

This weeks tour...reading
I have turned into a bookworm.
Growing up I did not like to read, now that is all I ever do with my spare time.
Before work, after work, during lunch, in the car. (I did not even get car sick!)
It is all I want to keep my mind off of all the things that are running through it.
The focus of most of my books have been amazing people, who have gone through a difficult time.
I find strength and hope in their stories, which have given me courage to know that I will make it through my own difficult experiences. (with God by my side every step of the way)
Moving away from family and friends will be very hard for me. (I have never spent an extended amount of time away from them)
In my heart I know that God has always been with me.
I know that He will always be with me.
Getting lost in a good book, has been helpful to me the past few weeks. It has given me the chance to read about others who surrendered things in their life, to follow God.
I am surrendering a few things in my own life. (family, friends, work, comfort...the list goes on)
As hard as it is for us as humans to give things up, sometimes that is what God asks of us to follow Him.
I look up to people like Bonhoeffer, Corrie ten Boom, and Mother Teresa (she is next on my list of people to read about!). These amazing people have all given up something to follow God.
God is asking me to follow Him and I am boldly taking that step of faith. (I am so excited to see all of the wonderful things He does in my life!)
With that said...I am off to read another book...if you have any good ones I would love your recommendations! (I will read any type of book, so the more suggestions the better)
(if you notice...I did not post this in my home state of Colorado, but from Missouri. I am visiting family this week! that is another story for another day)

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