April 2, 2012

road trip

this weeks tour...family
For spring break we took our last family vacation.
We went to Missouri to visit my mom's side of the family. Also so I could say good-bye to everyone there before I leave.
It was a great trip!
Hard to say good-bye...but if I think about it I usually see them every two years anyways...so when I am gone it will be a semi-normal length of time before I see them again. (makes it just a little easier to think about the amount of time I will be gone)
Here were some of our adventures...
We went on a hike at the Springfield nature center.
me and my grandpa
my mom and her dad
the family
 Playing with my grandpa's 'toys'. (we all took turns on the 4-wheeler and tractor)
digging some dirt with the tractor (yes, I am wearing a skirt!)

my mom on the 4-wheeler

Walking around downtown.
the family
Family Rock Band!

the family

We even went through old pictures...(taking pictures of pictures is hard)
me and my grandpa
my grandma when she was younger

My grandma was a beautiful woman. I know she is looking down from Heaven and very proud of what I am going to do. 
Me and my grandpa have always celebrated our birthdays together because they are only a few days apart. This was on my 1st birthday, and of course being his funny self has the extinguisher for all his candles!
My cousin made this for me. (Thank you Aaron!)
my gift for my adventure
He wanted to make me something special for my trip. He is very artistic and talented. (he did not know that green was my favorite color or that amethyst is my birthstone...guess God let him know, I love how God has been in even the smallest of details while preparing me for my adventure)

This is my family...of course for one of our last family pictures everyone has to be normal (normal for us is having a good time and being silly!)
my family
I know I will be sad when I leave my family...but I know that they love me and support me and will always be praying for me!

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