April 23, 2012

warm weather makes me happy

this weeks tour...beautiful outdoors (I am going to miss Colorado!)
The spring weather has been wonderful, it is making me even more excited for summer weather! (which I will soon enjoy 365 days a year!)
I love hiking.
I went on my first hike of the season, to my all time favorite place in Colorado: Chautauqua Park.
going to miss this awesome place!
hmm...thinking of what to write on my blog 
me and my mommy! 
Hiking is when I feel closest to Jesus. Spending time in His creation helps me to be so thankful for everything He has given me.
I will miss hiking with my mom.
I will miss hiking with friends.
I will now have the chance to hike a volcano! (super exciting new adventure to add to my long list of hikes I would like to accomplish)
I am enjoying every day to the fullest up to the time I leave. (I have started a countdown, but I will not officially begin one until I get my travel info which should be arriving any day now-ahh!)
Thank you Jesus for a beautiful place to live!
*pictures courtesy of my dear friend B* (Thanks B!)

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