July 8, 2012

life on an island...

There has been a lot going on around here...
to catch you all up, here are a few of the highlights.
June 26 - my nohno took me out to lunch, to meet her co-workers. She works at the municipality building. It was so awesome! I was able to see the courthouse and meet one of the judges.
June 27 - my first long call home and my first package! (God's timing is amazing!) I was able to talk to my family for my birthday and I received a birthday package! (the best part was that my parents sent me a birthday in a box! complete with 'cake.' I also love my card-it was one of those ones where you can record something, and my whole family was singing happy birthday to me!)
June 29 - computer freak out! The keyboard on my computer is out of order...none of the keys work. So I have to use an on-screen keyboard which is like texting only worse. I was upset when it first happened, but I know that it happened for a reason. I only use it to upload my pictures. I go to the library or an internet cafe to write emails or blog. I don't miss it, I actually love not having a computer! (God has blessed me through this by giving me a ton of time to spend with Him, and my host family)
June 30 - my first hike! I was so excited to be able to go on a hike!! A group of PCT's went to Sokehs Ridge. (It is way different than a 14er for sure!) It poured rain on us, but it was refreshing from the heat/humidity. We also were able to see some amazing views! (check out my slide show link on the right)
July 2 - our first ET (early termination). The married couple that was in our group went back to the states, they decided this was not for them. It was very sad to see them leave.
July 4 - Happy 4th! We went to the U.S. Embassy for a celebration and some yummy (American) food!
July 6 - site announcements! I am so excited! I am going to Chuuk! When I went home, I listened to some music and the first song that came on was 'I am Second' by the Newsboys - coincidence I think not! (I know God is preparing the way for me!)
July 7 - local cooking. PC had all of us trainees get together to learn some ways to cook more healthily with local foods. (it was so delicious, and I ate way too much...wait there is no such thing as being full here! I am always eating...)

*some interesting things that I have noticed since being out of the states:
-licking stamps is gross!
-the bananas in the states are lame...there are about 10 varieties here and they taste amazing!
-I wake up to roosters every morning

God is so amazing, I can not even put into words how blessed I am and how much He shows His love for me in all the little details of everyday!

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