July 2, 2012

little reminders

this week’s tour…little reminders from God that He is always with me
I seriously cannot believe this is my life! God is so gracious!
June 18 – While sitting in the kitchen with my nohno, I heard a song coming from the living room. I recognized it immediately! My brother was listening to ‘How great is our God’. I was so happy! (it is one of my favorite songs) It was a little present from God reminding me He is everywhere with me!
June 19 – I received my first letter from home! Getting mail is the best feeling in the world! It is so amazing to me that I can be so far from home, but I feel like I am still home. (being connected through prayer to my family and friends back home, makes it feel like we are still right next to each other!) Also one of my family members, I believe she is a cousin, gave me a whole pack of Reese’s! (my all time favorite candy!) I had to lick them from the wrappers but it was so delicious!
June 21 – Before class began, there was an amazingly beautiful rainbow above Ohmine Elementary school.
June 22 – I finally was able to talk to both my mom and my dad! (figuring out the time difference and making sure I have enough time and money has been a bit tricky)
June 23 – Water safety day! (this has been my favorite day so far, because I was finally able to be out on the ocean!) PC took us out on some boats and taught us how to start an engine. (in case we ever get into a situation where we need to) We also went over some basic safety skills, putting on a life jacket, making a group huddle in the water…
The rest of the afternoon was spent snorkeling! It was so incredible! We had the most amazing weather! (I prayed for good weather and so did my nohno!) It was very different for me, coming from a landlocked state, to see nothing but water for as far as I could see!
June 24 – I went to church with my family. My nohno had a traditional dress made for me! It is so beautiful! Even though the service is in Pohnpeian I can totally feel the Presence of God all around me! It was a special day, my nephew was baptized!

Every day God sends me little reminders of His love, and that He is with me through this entire journey! I am so thankful for the big things like talking to my family, and exploring His underwater creation…to the little things like licking the Reese’s out of the package, rainbows, and church with my family.

Kalahnghan (Pohnpeian for thank you) Jesus for everything you have blessed me with!


  1. Anonymous2.7.12

    Wow Elana, it is so amazing the wonderful things you are getting to experience! I'm so jealous, just kidding, but I do wish I could go snorkling with you. Miss you lots! Love, Mary H.

  2. Anonymous2.7.12

    I love reading your weekly blog and am happy that (for now anyway) you've been able to continue to write and share the view from your window on the world through God's eyes! Love and miss you! B-

  3. Anonymous3.7.12

    I love all the pictures. It helps me to experience a little bit of what you are doing. Love and miss you,