February 17, 2013

bball court

Tour…community work
Progress was made on the basketball court! It was crunch time…and it was amazing to see all the members of the community come together and put up the post for the hoops.
The youth in the community and all the important men of the village came together to get the work done. They even had the local ‘crazy’(he has some sort of mental disorder, and is often pushed to the side by a majority of the community) boy help out. It was amazing to see them include him in the work.
When a big project is done, it is culturally appropriate for food to be prepared. So some of the women helped prepare the food.
The men worked hard all day digging, mixing cement, and moving large rocks.

We took a break and ate together (some people came just for the food…).
The day was ended with the workers playing ball on the dirt court.
It was a great community day!

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