February 3, 2013

baby fun

One of my aunts had a baby! She is the cutest little thing, and a great baby…she hardly ever cries! They came to live with us while she is on maternity leave. It has been fun to have a baby around, but it has also resulted in my family always asking if I want a baby. In which I respond yes but not now; first I have to find the right guy. This leads to them saying they will find me a good Chuukese man, because they want me to have a Chuukese baby…and my response is no thank you.
The women’s group at the church had a fun day for the kids of the community. It was a blast! They played games and had doughnuts and Kool-aid. The kids were split up into grade level. The younger kids had relays of passing balls down their line, and picking up pop tabs with little sticks. 
The older kids had relays of passing a ring on a stick using only their mouth to hold the stick. Everyone here gets so excited and loves to win. The prize…a package of Ramen!

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