January 27, 2013


One of my aunts got married! It was great to be so close to all the planning and see how things are done here in Chuuk.

Most of the planning revolved around food (typical for any Chuukese event). An interesting tidbit…the bride has no part in the planning! It is done by the family.
My family slaughtered two pigs. I watched from the balcony of my house, so I was able to see what they did without actually seeing everything. First they boiled a huge pot of water, then 8 men got in the pen and wrangled the pigs and hog tied them. They slit the throats, poured the boiling water on them to easily remove the hair. Finally, ending in cooking the pigs in a fire overnight. Our side of the family made plates of food to serve to all the guests, I cannot be sure of the number but it was definitely over 100!
All the women on my side of the family wore the same uniform, meaning we all had the same material for our muumuus, our color was pink.
The ceremony was a Catholic mass, of which I am assuming, is similar to a mass in America; but since it was all in Chuukese I cannot be certain.
The celebration after was in a local utt. First we stuffed as many people into the utt as possible, and then we sit and listen to speeches from all the important men of the family and village. Then we pass out the plates of food for everyone to enjoy.
The fun part…dancing! We played the music my brother sent from America and everyone loved it and was so excited that I was dancing!
It was a beautiful celebration!

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