January 20, 2013


Tour…track race
Fefan Constitution Day!
A part of the celebrating of the Constitution Day is a track race between the 6 communities that are a part of our church called Macheweichun. UFO, Parem, Siis, Sapata, Fanipw, Sapora.
It is a two day event, full of excitement! (it has actually been one of my favorite cultural experiences so far!) (sad news, my camera is not working so no pictures…)
The racers are very serious here! They have been practicing since October! They have practice twice a day (6-8 am and 3-6 pm). Anyone can join the team, but the majority of the runners are in their 20s. They are in great shape, even better than most Americans. (They asked me to join but…I do not like running)
The crowds go so wild and crazy for their team! Running around, screaming and cheering on their team. There was throwing of umbrellas, chairs, waving t-shirts in the air. (it is like a mini Olympics)
The second day was out of control fun, it rained all day…so the track was a big muddy mess! The racers were slipping and falling, and the crowd was screaming and laughing!
The winner was Fanipw.
It was a blast and I cannot wait until next year!

Random thoughts…
My host mom is such a mom; she holds my arm on the boat when it is bumpy so I do not fall out.
In America when I leave the house I always have keys, purse, wallet, phone, and other important things like an ID. In Chuuk when I leave the house I always have my room key, put on bug spray, water bottle, umbrella, and my camera. Ahhh the wonders of a simple life!

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