January 13, 2013

a mom is the same all over the world

Tour…goodbye and feeling better
The last member of the PCV group before my group left this week…it was sad to see the last one go. It is weird to not have so many people at the office…

I have been sick since November…and I am finally feeling better! I had a cough that wouldn’t go away. It was making me tired and bringing me down. I believe it was the enemy’s way of well, getting in the way. I had many prayers near and far from family and friends! My family thought there were many reasons in which I was sick…because
I missed the previous PCV
I had a sea ghost from riding on the boat when the waves were too big
I walked on the road while it was raining and the sun was shining at the same time
My water was bad
I ate something that I was allergic to
The classrooms are too dusty
Weno is too dusty
I washed my laundry
(I am sure a few of those things did not help once I was sick but as to the reason I became sick, who knows? God does!)
When you are sick all you want is to be at home with your mom, because nothing is more comforting than your own bed and mom always knows just what to do. (there were a few nights that I really just wanted to be back home in my own bed with my mom taking care of me…).
However…God blessed me with an amazing family (especially my host mom Aimy!). They took care of me and did so much for me. They asked me what I wanted to eat…even though it was the same choices I have been eating for the last few months, but at least they asked me before they cooked it. They always told me to rest and when I was tired they would let me sleep in. They would ask if I needed or wanted anything. When I first got my cough my mom made me warm water with sugar and lemon to help my sore throat. She even would massage coconut oil on my throat. There was two different nights in which I came down with a fever, and my mom would massage me with coconut oil to help me relax and make sure I was okay all through the night. She made sure I was comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. The culmination of my sickness ended in a rash (I think my body was finally pushing out all the sickness…) My mom and one of my aunts made me a warm bucket shower! They heated the water with leaves from our guava tree to help my rash and get all the sickness out of me. It smelled good, was warm and relaxing (and it I think it really did help my rash!)
Well finally after 2 months of fighting this sickness, I am healthy and back to my old self!

It does not matter where you are in the world a mom will always be a mom and take care of their kids. I am so thankful that I have four moms! (my American mom, Pohnpeian mom, Weno mom and Fefan mom)

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  1. Anonymous26.1.13

    I am so glad that you are back to your old self. I can even tell in your writing. I am very thankful that you have so many Mom's that love you and care for you. But I will always love you most!