May 5, 2013

God's Love

Tour…His love
One of my dear friends back home, gave me a devotional as a gift (thanks Bethers!) before I left. “Jesus Lives” by Sarah Young. (I am embarrassed to say I just cracked it open…)
I have been preoccupied with other books and devotionals…but that is not a good excuse.
I decided to check it out this past week and it is amazing! (just like Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling!)
You know when books have a bookmark built in…well I decided to see what it was marking from its original placement by who put it there during shipment to the store.
Well it was on HIS LOVE (I do not think this was an accident, it was all from God!)
Reminding me of His Love for me.
“Find comfort in knowing I am perfectly good and infinitely strong. If I were good but lacking in strength, you would have no stronghold in times of trouble. If I were strong but not totally good, My massive strength could be terrifying. In fact, My Power is threatening to those who oppose Me. However, I am the God Shepherd; I know My sheep, and My sheep know Me. Sheep have nothing to fear from a shepherd who is good. On the contrary, they feel safe in his protective presence. So it is with Me: You can feel safe and secure in My sheltering Presence.
The best way to avail yourself of My protection is to trust Me wholeheartedly. My unfailing Love surrounds all those who trust in Me. So your most important task as a sheep in My pasture is to keep on trusting Me – the perfect Shepherd of your soul. Find rest in Me alone, for I am a surrounding stronghold of unfailing Love."
Psalm 62:1-2

My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him. He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

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