May 19, 2013

I decided to get my hair cut the other day…it has been one year since I cut my hair (the longest I have ever gone without one).
I went to the local ‘beauty salon’ (a room in the back of a store run by Filipinos).
My hair was sprayed with a water bottle to get it wet.
My hair was cut, with layers.
Then out came the hairdryer! (I have not seen/used one in a year…) Not only was my hair being dried it was being styled! I was thinking why bother…first of all I was sweating like crazy while this was happening and I knew the minute I left I would be putting my hair up in a bun (it is way too hot to ever have my hair down!)
It was quiet the experience, but well worth the $5 I spent!

Random thoughts…

Work on the basketball court has been coming along! Yay!

some of the girls who help cook lunch for the workers

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