May 26, 2013

Skype Party! sister's graduation

I was so bummed that I was not able to be home for my sister’s senior year of high school. I missed being a part of her special events…swimming meets, choir concerts, preparing for dances, and just hanging out with her.
She has been very understanding of my decision to join Peace Corps and I was able to keep up to date on all her adventures through letters, phone calls, and Skype dates.
I wanted so badly to go home for her graduation, but I just was not able to make it work out.
I ‘attended’ my sister’s high school graduation party! I went into town for the sole purpose of Skyping my sister for her special day, and it was the best day ever!
I was able to be a part of the celebration, I (aka the computer…) was placed in the living room and who ever wanted to stop by to say hi and chat with me could. It was so amazing to see all of my family and friends supporting my sister and being there for her for her big day.
I was also lucky, I was able to see and chat with family and friends that I have not seen since before I left and that was the most amazing thing ever! (I love that technology allows for things like this to be possible!)
Mag Pie I am so proud of you!
(oh and I am super excited because in a month I will get to see my family in person, they are coming to visit me!)

Random thoughts…
I got to do my own laundry the other day! I am making progress in the area of my family allowing me to help out…it only took a year

On my boat ride home, my uncle saw a ton of birds feeding on fish, so we stopped to fish…but we were not able to catch anything…

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