September 16, 2012

a little walk...

Tour…a tour of my island
I walked around my entire island today…it took 7 hours!
My tour guides were Johnny (the current Peace Corps), Sonson (my cousin), Enlet, and Mureno (Johnny’s brothers).
It was nice to get a lay of the land.
My island reminds me more of a jungle than a tropical island. For a majority of the walk I never saw the ocean.
There is actually a tiny bit of sand…on the other side of the island!
There is a road (that is barely visible) that goes all the way around the island.
It is crazy to think that about 20 years ago there were cars here!
In true Chuukese fashion…it rained the entire day. (rain is so common here; people still go about their daily routine)
I like my little island, it is simple quiet and the people are very kind!
I made it all the way around the island without injury (the road can be very slippery when wet) I was about twenty steps from my house, I was staring out at the amazing view, lost my footing and...fell! I cannot believe I walked around the whole island and then I fall on the part of the road I walk everyday! (do not worry it was just a little cut on my knee...and now I will have a scar to always remind me of my time in Chuuk-these kinds of souvenirs are the best for memories!)

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