September 30, 2012


I hiked to the top of my island today! (They call it a mountain, but nothing here is close to what I am use to being from Colorado...)
I went with some other volunteers and local kids.

Our guides name was JackieChan Tokyo! (love it!)
I can now add hiking an island jungle to my list of hiking trips!
It was an adventure!
It was actually really steep up to the top.  One thing I love about Fefan, whenever you need a drink or a break you just stop for a coconut!
The view from the top...was absolutely amazing!
I can not believe this is my home!
I felt so at home hiking today. It was an amazing day, blessed by God with great company and spectacular scenery!

random thoughts...
I love giving my camera to the locals and seeing what they take pictures of! I have over 700 pictures most of which are from the viewpoint of locals!

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