October 7, 2012

i love Skype!

Tour…staying connected
I was able to go to Weno and Skype my mom for her birthday!
I am so amazed by technology.
Part of me was looking forward to the idea that I would be getting away from the technology addicted American lifestyle.
However…I am so thankful that I am able to be so connected to my family and not only talk to them, but to see them with Skype!
I only use my computer to upload pictures, and write blogs when I am at my site. I love not having any distraction from modern technology!
It has allowed me to focus on my relationship with Jesus and I feel our relationship growing more than I ever have before. I am sure that has a lot to do with circumstances of living in another part of the world; but I also know that it is because I have no distractions of technology.
I hope I do not get sucked back in when I moved back in 2 years!

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