October 28, 2012


Community is the center of Chuukese culture.
I have realized that community can be shown in many ways.
Things you do to help others learn…I handmade 80+ tests, for the end of quarter finals for my students
Things others do for you…my 3 year old sister did my laundry
Spending time with others…Johnny organized a volleyball tournament between the schools (our team won!)
Sharing…in front of our school there is an apple tree (they are different apples than I am use to, they are called mountain apples, they are small and sour) when they are ready to eat, all the kids take turns climbing, picking and then handing out the apples for everyone to enjoy
Celebrating…when there is a wedding almost everyone comes to join the ceremony
Food…everything usually involves food, I was invited to a special dinner (a combination welcome to me, goodbye to Johnny, recognizing a newly married couple, some family going back to Hawaii and Guam)

It does not matter who you are, what you do, how old you are…Chuukese culture is all about accepting everyone into the community, and making you feel like you belong.

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