October 14, 2012

a small world

Tour…it is a small world
I met a Chuukese the other night…who lives in Colorado! Not only does he live in Colorado he is from Aurora!
He was here visiting, because someone in his family passed away.
It is so crazy to think that here in Chuuk I met someone who knows exactly where I am from!
But wait the world gets even smaller…
Not only does he live in the same city…he also use to work at the same retail company as me! We did not work at the exact same store, but within the same company.
It is amazing to see how small the world really is!
God places certain people in our lives for a reason, which we usually do not realize until after the fact…
Come to find out there is a large Chuukese community in Denver!
I will now have a connection to Chuuk, when I move back to the states in 2 years!

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