September 2, 2012


Tour…1st all day church event
There was a newly ordained priest, so he came to our church (which I am told is the biggest in all of Chuuk) to give his 1st mass.
We spent all morning waiting for mass to begin…Chuukese time!
As with all Chuukese events there was food!
After mass there was a special meeting, some people spoke and then the real fun began! Each sub-parish danced and sang and it turned into a huge celebration! The crowd was throwing candy everywhere!
It was a fun filled day complete with a boat ride home!

Random thoughts…
Instead of the sound of cars driving by, I hear the roar of motor boats
I love falling asleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof
It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside…the 1st bucket of a bucket shower is always cold
I have a new “favorite” food…rice…I eat it at every meal! 

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