June 6, 2013

1 year

Tour…a year in review
I have been away from America for a year!
A lot has happened in the past year (wait! It has already been a year?!)

I have been to 13 funerals but spent a total of 14 days at funerals
I went swimming 11 times
I went to the Mortlocks 1 time
I went diving for 2 days (total of 4 dives)
I traveled on 2 ships
I went to Pisar 2 times
I have been to 4 weddings
I went to Pisiwi 1 time
I played bingo 2 times and one time I won a bag of rice for my family!
Two babys have born in my family which means I will be around for their 1st birthday next year which is huge deal
It rained 145 days
I taught a total of 73 days (4th quarter still is in session-year round school)
I gained 10 pounds! (I guess that will happen when you eat rice 3 times a day everyday for a year!)
I read 39 books
I read 12 books in the Bible
I wrote 151 letters
I received 94 letters

Things I missed back home…
Other than the normal holidays and birthdays.
I missed my sisters and cousins senior year and graduation (congrats mag pie and sasha!)
I missed a great uncles funeral

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