June 16, 2013

Father's Day

tour...Father's Day

I suppose it is time to admit that I am a daddy’s girl (my dad would do anything for me!).
I miss my daddy!
Sometimes it is hard for us humans to fathom the amount of love Jesus has for us. We cannot see Him or touch Him. He is our Father and we just have to know in our hearts that He loves us more than anything else.
I do not share this aspect of my life very often because I do not think it is necessary, however I have recently thought of it in a different way (being away from home, always puts things into new perspectives).
My dad is not my biological father. I have never met my biological father (aside from a short time when I think I was 2, but I have no memory of it). The man I call dad, has always been dad to me. He married my mom when I was 5. He is all I have ever known as a dad. His love for me is a real life tangible example of how much Jesus loves us. Jesus does not have to love us, He choose to love us. Just like my dad choose to love me as his own.

Random thoughts…

4 more days until my family arrives! 

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