June 9, 2013


Tour…MST (mid-service training) and culture shock!
One year down one year to go!
All the members of my Peace Corps group (M78) were back together in Phonpei for a one week training to review or first year and prepare for our second year.
It was great to see everyone!
I was shocked at the way I reacted to a “big” city! I was overwhelmed!
How can I be experiencing culture shock?! I only went to another state within the FSM. Phonpei is very modernized compared to Chuuk, I just did not expect it to affect me so much.
There was electricity, cars, tons of people speaking English, automatic doors and lights, hot showers, air conditioning, a mattress, food choices…a very fast-paced life compared to my simple life in Chuuk.
I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and hearing all the stories from everyone’s first year of service.
The whole time I was in Phonpei I just wanted to go home, home to my small island and get back to my quiet, simple, slow-paced life on Fefan. I missed my family.
How am I going to be when I go back to America?! I do not even want to think about it…

Random thoughts…
My family will be here in 11 days! So excited!

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