May 28, 2012

friends and food...a great combination!

this weeks tour...more good-bye's and yummy food
*10 days until departure...
Is there anything better than friends and food?
I do not think so...
This weekend has been full of lunch/dinner dates with the best of friends. (who I will miss tremendously!)
I am so full of loving and caring friends...oh and do not forget the food! (it was all delicious!)
#1-girls night out (we went to our usual spot...Chili's)
A few of my girlfriends and I have a monthly dinner date...this was my last one...for two years anyways.
Nichole, Me, Beth
I met these girls on my Haiti trip and I thank God every day for amazing women to share my life with! (oh and a big congratulations and good luck to Nichole she got accepted into a pharmacy program!)
#2-BFF (we went to Panera...oh how I will miss their delicious food!)
I have a best friend, who I have know since I was 5! She is the best! 
I am a lame friend...this is an old picture of us (from my high school graduation in 2003! gees I am getting old) 
Me & Aumbree
We had such a great time, we did not think to take a new picture!
I thank God for her everyday...I am so blessed to have a friend who I have known my whole life, and who I will share the rest of my life with!
#3-a great friend and brother in Christ (we had BBQ! Dennis always knows the best food places...Jim 'N Nick' was delicious)
I met Dennis a few years ago...we always have so much fun together...he is a blast to hang out with because he makes everything fun! 
I thank God for him everyday, because he always puts a smile on my face! He also is a great example of someone who lives their life for Jesus (good luck in seminary!)
God has blessed me with amazing people in my life! I will miss everyone so much!
It is time for me to make new friends!

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